Welcome to Sexysmokingmum.com; my smoking fetish website.

Finally my pregnant smoking videos are here! Members can see the videos here or you can buy the videos at my clip store.

New breastfeeding/lactation videos to come soon!

If you would like your own personalised video then have a look at my Custom Videos page here : Custom Videos

This is where ALL of my smoking videos and pictures are posted. There are a lot of exclusive new videos and pictures in the Members Area.

For full access to my videos there is a small subscription charge of $9.99 for 30 days access to all of my videos and downloads of my videos. I will also add at least 4 new videos a month. A preview is available here: Preview All proceeds go towards my addiction 😀

Some people have been having problems with sending payments to my Paypal account. If you experience this issue then please contact me and I will give you another account to send payment to.

SMOKING CLIPS STORE!- I have a smoking clips store where you can download some of my member videos. If you experience any problems with your payment then please contact me and I will process your order manually.

Some of my videos are put up on my (YouTube Channel) and I have all of them here. Anyone who likes my videos will know I enjoy controversy and shocking people. You can view a preview video on my preview page to see some of the videos available.

My Bio page has information about me and my smoking habits and experiences.

Please also consider donating (any amount) to me to help keep this website running and help with my added cigarette costs from making these videos.

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